Being Pleasantly Honest.

So…first of all, let me start by saying the reason I started this blog is so I could vent and maybe help out others in the same situation too. There will most definitely be a lot of random posts ranging from feelings to lifestyle. Granted I do follow a lot of bloggers/ YouTubers so that’s probably where I got the inspiration. There’s just something cathartic about writing, don’t you think? Other things about me, I’m 23 years old and I really love instant curry flavoured noodles and McCain’s microwave chips (judge me init). I was born in the UK and my Parents are from Mauritius (I beg, if you discriminate in any way just leave my page now) and I guess…HI ūüôā

The reason I called this blog ‘Pleasantly Honest’ is because no one seems to be just that nowadays. I have always been very sure that honesty is always the best policy (within reason) as it can open up a lot of different doors with friendships and opportunities etc. (I am also very self-aware that I can be ‘slightly’ hypocritical too but that’s a different story for a different day haha’). A lot of people (that I see on social media anyway, unless I’m following the wrong people) seem to think being pleasant and honest are like chalk and cheese. Social media seems to justify an individual’s ‘right to be rude’, in the sense that they are being seen as honest rather than spewing unwarranted comments. To be ‘honest’ one must be brutal and to be ‘pleasant’ one must be fake. I don’t necessarily think that’s the case (although it does sound like an oxymoron). Yes, sometimes brutal honesty is better than nothing (I have been on the receiving and giving end) and yes, sometimes people are nice to you ¬†because well, they’re being faker than my overdrawn lips on a night out but at the end of everything you can still be kind and honest. ¬†It’s difficult to explain over a blog because it doesn’t convey very well over text but there is a difference between being a dick and being honest. ¬†This whole post sounds like I’m preaching an old fable but this is basically how I try to be as a person (whether or not I always am that person is debatable). Honesty + Kindness is great and justifying your questionable actions through social media is…not so great.

I started babbling a bit at the end there and this post was going to actually be about how I’m feeling in my life at the moment but clearly I got carried away. My whole point is, as much as the situation isn’t always as black and white as given in the example (use your discretion and common sense please), kindness costs nothing and honesty is the best policy but you can use them both at the same time. Rudeness does not equal honesty and honesty does not equal rudeness. Welcome to my blog, a cornucopia¬†of well…crap. Enjoy!

(This post has been edited and shortened for clarity because even I got bored reading it half way through. If you guys want the longer version just let me know in the comments!)